CUE Student Accommodation

General Regulations

Accommodation in the Student House (SH) is granted by the Faculty Scholarship and Appeal Commission for a period of time specified in the accommodation placement document.

The accommodation placement document is a basis for the checking-in procedure implemented by the SH Administration in accordance with the reservation schedule developed by the SH Manager and the Residence Council (RC).

The detailed checking-in procedure is set forth in the Rector’s ruling.

1)  In the event of resignation from the allocated accommodation the student is obliged to report this fact to the Residence Administration.
2)  The student’s intention to occupy the allocated accommodation is confirmed by the payment of a deposit specified in the ”checking-in procedure” for the possible coverage of damage and debt. When accommodation is granted during the academic year a deposit should be paid within two weeks.
3)   A deposit shall be refunded after checking out from residence provided that the circumstances under 2) do not occur.

Students may apply to the SH Manager for the prolongation of their residency. In such a case they are obliged to make full payment for the booked accommodation. .

Students may check in during vacation periods at the discretion of the SH Manager.

Students occupy rooms allocated to them. They may change rooms following consultations with the SH Manager. Occupants may be moved to other rooms by the SH Manager when it is necessitated by the effective use of all rooms, preparing accommodation for groups of residents or by overhauls.

All SH occupants are obliged to register for temporary residency at the Municipality of Krakow within 4 days at the latest after their arrival.

Occupants shall make an advance payment for accommodation, without being reminded to do so, by the 15th of each month; penalty interest shall be charged for overdue payments.

Occupants are released from the obligation to make payments for residence after completing the checking-out procedure and leaving their residence.

In justified cases, when occupants are outside the premises, the SH Manager is entitled to enter rooms, accompanied by a commission composed of 3 persons including at least 1 member of the Residence Council. Upon completing a room check, a report is drawn up.

Visitors are accepted in SH rooms, when approved by co-occupants, between 9:00 and 23:00. This regulation does not apply to the student’s close relatives or persons performing their professional tasks.

In emergency cases the SH Manager or RC Chairperson may give their approval for close relatives’ free accommodation for two days a month.

Visitors are obliged to leave their IDs with the SH Receptionist. All persons on the SH premises are obliged to comply with these Regulations.

Quiet hours should be observed between 23:00 and 6:00.

The SH entrance door is locked between 23:00 and 6:00am. It is possible to enter the premises at that time after contacting the receptionist. During vacations the ST Manager is authorised to have the entrance door locked at an earlier hour.

Residents are obliged to leave their room keys with the receptionist on leaving the premises.

Parties may take place only in specially designated areas following a written permit issued by the SH manager and the RC.

Residents are fully responsible for their visitors and their conduct.

Residents are fully responsible for SH property, and they are obliged to keep their rooms clean and tidy. They are also obliged to observe Fire, Safe and Health regulations as well as all legal acts and internal regulations of Cracow University of Economics.

The Act on Counteracting Alcoholism of 2 October 1982, which bans consumption of alcohol on SH premises, and the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction of 29 July 2005 must be adhered to on the SH premises.

Students lose their residence rights under the following circumstances:
1) expulsion from the University,
2) failure to make use of residence for a period exceeding 5 days after the start of the checking-in procedure and, during the academic year, 2 days after receipt of the accommodation placement document,
3) offering accommodation to another person,
4) falling behind with rent for 2 months, za miejsce w DS,
5) serious breach of SH Regulations including but not limited to the following: damage done to social property and failure to observe the general principles of good conduct (e.g. failure to observe quiet hours). Residents who have lost their residence rights are obliged to leave the premises within 7 days after receipt of a written notice. After this period they shall be removed in compliance with administrative procedures.

SH residents are not allowed to:
1)  remove any contents of the premises to other rooms,
2)  put in, change or repair electrical, gas, radio and telephone installations,
3)  change door locks, use wallpaper or paint rooms without the SH Manager’s prior consent,
4)  use power heavy consumption equipment or high power speakers
5)  smoke, consume alcohol or use abusive substances,
6)  keep pets.

The RC Chairperson (or a person appointed by the SH Manager) is obliged to organize RC elections to be held within 30 days after the first day of taking up residence.

The RC represent the interests of SH residents, cooperating with the University Authorities and SH Management. RC members are also obliged to closely cooperate with the receptionist to keep the premises in order and observe quiet hours.

The cases of breach of these Regulations are dealt with by the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Education at the recommendation of the SH Manager or RC.

The SH Manager’s reports on the cases of breach of SH Regulations by students (occupants) should be preceded by an earlier notice submitted to and a written opinion given by the RC

The interpretation of the Regulations is vested in the hands of the Rector of Cracow University of Economics.

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